Ultraglozz® Superpolish on caravans/motorhomes


  • Removes oxidized paint, faded plastic, minor scratches, dirt and pollution and leaves a deep shining colour
  • No residues in hard to reach areas – such as groves in the surface
  • If instructions are folowed, black stripes can be washed off with ordinary soap and water
  • Rejuvenates worn plasticwindows and tentwindows so they look new. Follow the instructions of use and use a polishing machine or similar with polishing sponge.
  • Seals the surface and keeps it shining
  • On aluminium rims: Makes cleaning easier and reduces the need for rim cleaners.
  • Makes the daily cleaning easier – e.g. on the stove.

Avoid UltraGlozz® Superpolish on the following areas of the caravan/motorhome:

  • Rubber lists
  • Lists of non-glossy plastic

UltraGlozz® Superpolish is not a rubbing compound and cannot remove deep scratches.

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