UltraGlozz® Superpolish

Emballagestørrelser: 250 ml og 500 ml.
Packaging sizes: 250 ml og 500 ml.
  • Easy to use. On new surfaces: Wipe on, let dry, wipe off.
  • All-in-one: Cleans, polishes and seals for up to 18 months
  • For painted surfaces, glossy plastic, gelcoat, chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, silver, glass, mirrors, varnished wood  and much more.
  • For an extra deep gloss: Apply layer on layer.
  • Unaffected by most solvents and detergents.
  • Resistant to car washes
  • Paint sealing = Chemical glass
  • UV-resistant: Stops or reduces fading.
  • Keeps the car, boat, mc,  RVs and ATVs and so on cleaner.
  • Clean freebord, clean caravan/motorhome – easy to remove black stripes
  • Prevents static electricity
  • Gives less wind and water resistance
  • Makes stainless steel easy to maintain (not brushed steel)
  • Rejuvenates clear plastic.

Frequently asked questions

The best polish money can buy

UltraGlozz® Superpolish is sensational for cars, boats, motorcycles, aeroplanes, caravans, varnished wood, glass, mirrors, and all high-gloss metals such as chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, silver etc. No other polish compares to UltraGlozz®.

It forms a glass-like shield which protects the surface against washing scratches and the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Avoid getting UltraGlozz® on rubber and matt plastic.

Can be removed within 6 hours using UltraGlozz® Vinyl. Rubber and matt plastic can be protected against UltraGlozz® Superpolish before polishing by treating it with UltraGlozz® SuperVinyl first.

If UltraGlozz® is used from the outset on new and undamaged paint, gelcoat, etc., only point 2 is to be followed.

  1. Apply UltraGlozz® on cool, clean and dry surfaces. Use a clean, dry cloth and rub hard in circular motions until the polish disappears and a shine is achieved. Dirt, small scratches and oxidised material is easily removed by rubbing hard on the surface.
  2. Apply UltraGlozz® to the whole surface. Allow it to dry to a haze. Wait 10 minutes. Dry off with a clean, dry cloth. Apply once a year. Repolishing with a dry cloth/sponge may be necessary on dark colours.

Use a polishing machine or polish by hand. Shake before use. Hardens to full strengh in 24 hours. Avoid water for 1 hour after polishing. Best results achieved over +4ºC.

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