Ultraglozz® Vinyl


  • Adds new life to vinyl, rubber and leather
  • Easy to work with: Wipe on, wipe off
  • Natural gloss – not mirror-like
  • Cleans, protects and preserves in one application
  • Keeps the surface supple
  • Protects rubber and plastic liners, so white stripes are avoided

UltraGlozz®Vinyl penetrates the surfaces of materials such as rubber, leather and vinyl, protecting them against the sun’s harmful UV radiation which dries them out, making them hard and brittle.

UltraGlozz® Vinyl cleans, protects and regenerates natural surface shine – all in one process. Surfaces are given antistatic and water, dust and dirt repellent properties, making them easier to keep clean.

UltraGlozz® Vinyl can also be used to remove UltraGlozz® Superpolish before it hardens on rubber mouldings and matt plastic and to protect these before polishing with UltraGlozz® Superpolish

Can be used on dashboards, seats, tyres, shoes, belts, kitchen unit doors, bags, sports equipment, painted surfaces etc.

Shake the canister before use. Apply, wait 1-2 minutes and dry off where necessary with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat the treatment one more time for optimal protection and then as required.

Packaging size: 250 ml

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