Ultraglozz® Cleanit

With UltraGlozz® CleanIt you only use water to clean most surfaces

Fås i emballager med 2 og 6 svampe
Available in 2 and 6 packs
  • UltraGlozz® CleanIt makes it easy to clean all surfaces just by using water.
  • UltraGlozz® CleanIt is excellent for breaking up soap gum in bathrooms. Cleans plastic garden furniture, athletic shoes and leather.
  • UltraGlozz® CleanIt is most effective on hard, smooth surfaces.
  • Ideal for detailing. Removes insects and tar and perfect for cleaning dashboard and side panels.
  • Removes polish and wax residues from rubber bands and bumpers.
  • Excellent for shining chrome.
  • Also ideal for boats, caravans and mc´s
  • Always test on a small area to check if the surface will be damaged.
  • Precautions: Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use on the human body.
  • Do not use with chlorine bleach.
  • The pad wears out faster when used on rough surfaces.
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