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Can I use  UltraGlozz® on all surfaces ? UltraGlozz® can be applied on all painted surfaces, shiny plastic, gelcoat, brass, copper, silver, gold, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome snd much more.
What about painted woodwork ? Grind it and repaint it with clear paint with the number of coats you wish. After this you apply UltraGlozz® once. In the future all you need is to apply UltraGlozz® once a year. Your woodwork will have a great shine.
What happends if I have used another product for my car or boat before I apply UltraGlozz® ? The old polish/wax will be disolved when UltraGlozz® is applied. You will, however see how much nicer your car becomes when you wipe UltraGlozz® off.
How often do I have to apply UltraGlozz® ? The vehicle is fully protected with one coat for up to i 18 months depending of the shape of the initial unpolished surface. We recommend one application annually if you apply it from the beginning on a new surface. Worn surfaces require more frequent treatments
Can I apply more than one coat ?
What happends ?
Yes, you can apply as many coats as you wish without removing any of the previous coats. This is the hit among “UltraGlozz® enthusiasts – the more coats you apply the more luster you add. Let it cure for 24 hours at 16ºC before the next coat is applied
How can I remove UltraGlozz® ? Who would do such a thing ??!! You cannot remove UltraGlozz® by washing. If you want to repaint it after having damaged the surface you just do some sanding as usual and repaint. An excemption are the rubber bands and rough plastic. You must protect them with UltraGlozz® Vinyl or UltraGlozz® SuperVinyl before and after polishing with UltraGlozz® Superpolish. If not, you will most certainly get white stripes. We also recommend you to use masking tape before polishing
Can UltraGlozz® rebuild faded paint, gelcoat a.s.o. ? Yes, UltraGlozz® is a very effective cleaner – see how to on the label or on the Instructions of use.
Do I have to use UltraGlozz® as a cleaner each time ? No, normally only the first time and only if the surface is not new. But if the surface has started to fade you should do it. An exemption is a surface where the sun has burned out the pigments – such a surface can never hold the colour. This is often seen when some white spots appear right after or some time after the cleaning process with UltraGlozz® or other cleaners. If you see that on your paint, there is only one thing to do: Repaint it – it cannot be polished
How does the cleaning function work in UltraGlozz® ? UltraGlozz® polishes/cleans by using a “chemical lift off” of  the oxidized layer among other thing by using the frictional heat – in about the same matter as if you rub your hands against each other. UltraGlozz® cannot remove deep scratches, but one or more coats will cover or partially cover the scratches as long as the primer is not showing through
Can I use UltraGlozz® on metals ? Yes, try on any metal that oxidizes – e.g. on stainless steel surfaces in kitchens – but not brushed steel. You will see, that after a cleaning/sealing it is really difficult to place fingermarks on these surfaces – the same is the case with mirrors, brass, copper, silver and many other materials. Surfaces made of stainless steel require machine and a dry repolishing to remove “rainbows”.
Should I use a machine or should I do it by hand ? To the cleaning it is an advantage to use a polishing machine – especially on fiberglass/gelcoat/stainless steel on e.g. boats. You clean better and get a more even endresult. To the sealing you do it by hand
How do I learn to use UltraGlozz® properly ? Very easy – try to polish your bathroom mirror…… and if you do it right – i.e. according to the directions – you will se how difficult it gets to place fingermarks on it. You may need to repolish it with a dry sponge after the second coat – you are now an expert in using UltraGlozz®
Can UltraGlozz® remove black stripes on boats, campers and caravans ? Yes and it is unbeliavably easy – and without harming anything !!
Does UltraGlozz® make swirl marks ? No
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